The New Republic

After the fall of the Emperor, the Rebel leaders formed the Alliance of Free Planets, a prelude to creating a New Republic. Finally they made it official as the Empire fell into disarray, leaders squabbling over who was in charge.  Afterward only a scattered few holdouts remained a problem, more terrorists than true government and no longer recognized by Imperial leaders.

But even when the few remaining Imperials were not a threat, new dangers arose. This is the time of the New Republic, a time of rebirth and testing. A time when the Jedi begin their return.

Stories in this Era:

Truce at Bakura
Luke Skywalker and the Shadow of Mindor
Courtship of Princess Leia
Tatooine Ghost
Thrawn trilogy
Tales of the New Republic
Dark Empire
Dark Empire 2
Empire’s End
Jedi Academy Trilogy
Jedi Academy Leviathan (Comic book mini series)
Children of the Jedi
Planet of Twilight
Corellian Trilogy
Crystal Star
Black Fleet Crisis
New Rebellion
Vision of the Past/Spectre of the Future
Survivor’s Quest
Young Jedi Knights
Junior Jedi Knights
New Jedi Order (beginning)

Stories that Touch on this Era
Chewbacca Mini series
Swarm War

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