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Figrin-Da'an, a Bith Musician

Figrin-Da’an, a Bith Musician

Bith –

Hail from Clakdor IIV, a world where most of the populations live in dome cities due to the harsh environment and radioactive swamps left over from a war. They have very dexterous hands and many are excellent musicians. – Figrin Da’an and the Modal Nodes (cantina band) . Herian Ingrel (Rogue Squadron Pilot) Rugess Nome (Sith)

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– from Ithor and often called Hammerheads due to the shape of their heads (a term they dislike) the creatures have 2 mouths, leathery skin, and a (usually) peaceful nature. They worship the mother jungle and are known for horticulture and healing, though they have diverse careers from healer, to Jedi and even to bounty hunter. They travel on ‘herdships’ which are mini spaceship copies of the Mother Jungle. While setting foot on Ithor’s jungle is forbidden, there are some among them who feel called to tend it and risk censure to go down and do so. Notable members: Tomla El (healer) Rorron Cobb (Jedi – Clone Wars era). Momaw Nadon (priest, cantina)

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– Many of there kind are bounty hunters and are let offworld for this reason. The world of rodian is hot and humid and they live in bubble cities.  They were members of the Republic, then enslaved by the Empire and ended up refugees and warring against the Yuuzhan Vong. – Greedo (bounty hunter) Grudo (mercenary) Wald (junk dealer, swoop racer)

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– Anzati feed on what they call ‘soup’ or ‘luck’. They were Force Sensitive. probosci come from there cheeks and penetrate their target through the  nostrils and up into the brain to drain this ‘soup’ which is comprised of potential, of future and potential: basically their ‘Force’. This would kill the victim. They are telepathic and live long, and look nearly human. Famous members include: Dannik Jeriko (assassin), Volfe Karkko (fallen jedi), Nikkos Tyris (fallen jedi), Nakia Yoru (assassin)

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Shistavenan Wolfman –

Isolationists from Uvana Prime. Lupine predators, apparently a result of unknown genetic manipulation as well as nature.  However this was not a hard rule and some were explorers. Members: Lak Sivrak (rebel scout), Riv Shiel (rogue squadron pilot), Caet Shrovi (pirate),  Hovrik (adjutant)

Lak Sivrak:
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Caet Shrovi:
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Young Jedi Knights, Diversity Alliance story arc.

Talz –

from Alzoc III, colony on Orto Plutionia. They had no concept of ownership. There world is rich in minerals and they were used as a slave labor force by the Empire. Known Talz: Muftak (thief, pickpocket,)  Foul Moudama (Jedi)

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Chadra Fan

– from the watery world of Chad. They are short, covered in fur and use scent and sound to communicate. They have a clan culture and all share in raising the children. A lone Chadra Fan will die eventually of depression. Famous members: Kabe (thief and pickpocket), Tekli (jedi healer), Yarbolk Yemm (journalist)

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