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From Star Wars . Com (web archive links):

Star Wars Essential Atlas Extras:

Expansion Region(Map)

Sectors of the Mid Rim (Map)

Appendix (PDF)

Unstated canon

Endnotes Part 1

Endnotes Part 2

Endnotes Part 3

Endnotes Part 4

Endnotes Part 5

Star Wars Essential Guide to Warfare Author’s Cut

Part 1 The Celestials

Part 2 Ancient Coruscant

Part 3 Xim the Despot

Part 4 The Rise of the Republic

Part 5 Zenith of the Republic

Part 6 Showdown at Naboo

Part 7 The Grand Army of the Republic

Part 8 Tales of the Clone Wars

Part 9 Battlefields of the Clone Wars

Part 10 Rise of the Empire

Part 11 Serving the Empire

Part 12 Tales of the New Republic


The Old Republic Game Site

Star Wars The Old Republic short stories (Don’t be fooled by it being a developer blog for the game. There are stories too.)

Direct Links:

A Letter from Special Executive Rasmus Blys (Czerka)

Meet the Staff (Czerka)

HoloNet News Exclusive Interview: Baron Deathmark

The Search for Oricon

A Record of the Dread Masters

HoloNet News Exclusive Interview: Baron Deathmark 2

Wanted Dead or Dismantled

Surface Details

Lana Beniko’s Journal: Darth Arkous

Since KOTOR: Manaan

Bedtime on Concordia


Raider’s Cove: Person’s of Interest

Rishi: Places of Interest

Go Big, Go Small, Go Nowhere

The Final Trial (Lana Beniko)

One Night in the Dealer’s Den (Theron Shan)

The Price of Power (Darth Marr, Darth Lachris)

Vacation (Nico Okarr)

Regrets (Jace Malcolm)

A Mother’s Hope (Senya and Vaylin)

Trading Scars – A Short Story on Umbara

“Quite A Story To Tell” Short Story (Aryn Leneer)

“Seeing Red” Short Story (Rass Ordo)



Formerly From the Official Starwars.suduvu website:

Judge’s Call by Timothy Zahn (Luke and Mara)

Shades of Gray: from the Adventures of Alex Winger by Charlene Newcomb

The Old Republic: Smuggler’s Vanguard By Rob Chestney

Lando Calrissian: Idiot’s Array By Rich Handley

Deader Than a Triton Moon By Jason Fry

Interference By John Jackson Miller

The Secret Journal of Doctor Demagol By John Jackson Miller

Fists of Iron by Ed Ederlac

Crossroads by Christopher Cerasi (Leia)

Precipice by Chris Cassidy (Obi-Wan)

Labor Pains by John Jackson Miller (Zayne Carrik)

Star Wars: Knight Errant: Influx By John Jackson Miller

Essential Atlas Extra: The Knight Errant Gazetteer By Daniel Wallace, Jason Fry and John Jackson Miller;


Comics online

Skyewalkers & The Lone Wolf by Abel G Peña

Heart of the Jedi by Kenneth C. Flint

Adventures in Hyperspace: The Big Switch

Former Hyperspace Exclusive Stories


In Universe Language Translations & Other Cool Stuff

Mando’a is the language of the Mandalorians. Much of it was invented by Karen Traviss.


Aurebesh is the standard language of the galaxy, it’s seen in all the movies, TCW and the Expanded Universe.

Dooku AurebeshAurebesh

More Aurebesh

Dark Horse Comics Star Wars Timeline Backup only



Author Sites

Timothy Zahn Facebook (Thrawn trilogy, duology, Choices of One, Scoundrels, Allegiance, Outbound Flight)

John Jackson Miller Blog (Knights of the Old Republic comics, Knight Errant, Kenobi, Lost Tribe of the Sith)

Karen Traviss (Republic Commando Series)

Brian Daley (Han Solo at Star’s End, Han Solo’s Revenge, Han Solo & the Lost Legacy, Star Wars Trilogy Radio Drama

Jude Watson (Jedi Apprentice, Jedi Quest, Last of the Jedi)

Dave Wolverton AKA David Farland  (Courtship of Princess Leia)

Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta (Jedi Academy trilogy, Young Jedi Knights etc)

Drew Karpyshyn (SWTOR Annihilation, SWTOR Revan, Darth Bane Trilogy),

Author Interviews

John Whitman (Galaxy of Fear) – Yodanews

Timothy Zahn (Thrawn Trilogy etc) –

Timothy Zahn (Thrawn Trilogy etc)

Timothy Zahn on EW

Troy Denning (Crucible, Tatooine Ghost, Star by Star etc)