Star wars Continuity


Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and Canon

Splinter of the Mind’s Eye often pops up when people complain about contradictions in the Expanded Universe. However, people perhaps aren’t noticing the publishing date. Splinter of the Mind’s Eye was written before The Empire Strikes Back, and is the story Lucas considered doing if Star Wars initial movie had … Continue reading

The Paradise Snare cover

Han Solo Trilogy by Ann Crispin Continuity

This is one of the most amazing trilogies ever regarding continuity. Han Solo’s story is followed from his childhood taken in by a thief to right before A New Hope. It explains many things never seen but clearly implied by the movies. Less a case of how it influenced future … Continue reading

Kyle Katarn

Dark Forces & Katarn Influence

Dark Forces: The first video game. Dark Forces primarily starts life as a video game. Built on the old Dos System, by modern standards its pretty out of date. But this pixelated adventure starring Kyle Katarn (the player) is the first critical movie tie in. That’s because it is Kyle … Continue reading

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