Galactic Alliance

When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked, the New Republic and Imperial Remnant had made their peace. None were prepared for the viciousness of the invaders from outside the galaxy. The Jedi found the ultimate foe: those who they could not sense with the Force at all. In the end, the New Republic falls and all are in retreat. So they form under a new banner with their allies: that of the Galactic Alliance. A new name for a new age.

Stories in this era:

New Jedi Order
Chewbacca mini series
Swarm War
Legacy of the Force
Fate of the Jedi
Millenium Falcon

Stories that touch on this era:
Rogue Planet
Shira Brie/Lumiya story arc from original marvel comics
Lost Tribe of the Sith
Prelude to Rebellion comic series
Star Wars Republic Clone Wars comic series

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