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Chewie head shot

Peter Mayhew A Wookiee’s Legacy Tribute

Peter Mayhew died at the end of last month on April 30, 2019. His 75th birthday would’ve been on May 19, the same day The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith came out.   I never met the man but all the reports I’ve heard are that he was a … Continue reading

The Phantom Menace

Lead Up to the 20th Phantom Menace Anniversary

Once upon a time and what seems like yesterday for some of us the Phantom Menace premiered on May 19, 1999.  The internet was still wild but relatively young. Dial up was still at thing. And word went out the Prequels were finally being filmed.  I poured over every picture … Continue reading


Jar Jar Binks the Unsung Rejected Hero

Jar Jar Believes in His People even though THEY don’t believe in HIM. “No No Mesa Stay, Mesa Yousa Humble Servant….Tis demanded by da gods it is.” Jar Jar believed in his people’s culture and wasn’t just making up an excuse to stick to the guy that seemed to know … Continue reading


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