Earthly Issues

Luke with George Lucas kindness quote

The Fandom Redemption

There is a wide variety among Star Wars fans.  There is a wide variety in the characters in its media.  But ultimately Star Wars itself (under Lucas) had one very important theme set:  love, hope, and redemption.   Anakin Skywalker is the central character of the six movies he made and … Continue reading


Double the Billboard Double the impact

The billboard is back! Twin Suns Foundation started out as Give Us Legends. This is where the first ever Star Wars billboard requesting new Expanded Universe came from. While it’s intent was misconstrued by the mainstream media and the clickbait fan sites ignored it, LFL knew exactly what it meant. … Continue reading

Rogue-Squadron-book with Ackbar wedge and feylya figs

How Ackbar warned me about Preconceptions

I was very young when Star Wars was first released.  I quickly grew to love Science Fiction. I knew nothing of human biases. I grew up in a school with different races and never had a particular problem with any. My fav Sci fi being Star Wars and Star Trek, … Continue reading

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