Earthly Issues


Jar Jar Binks the Unsung Rejected Hero

Jar Jar Believes in His People even though THEY don’t believe in HIM. “No No Mesa Stay, Mesa Yousa Humble Servant….Tis demanded by da gods it is.” Jar Jar believed in his people’s culture and wasn’t just making up an excuse to stick to the guy that seemed to know … Continue reading

Peter Mayhew as Chewie

“Helping Others is Both A Duty and a Privilege”

If you’ve ever played Star Wars: The Old Republic, you are probably familiar with this line. The Jedi say it a lot in conversation. It’s not exactly witty dialogue but it is truly what Jedi are supposed to stand for. Even Anakin Skywalker, right before he fell knew that this … Continue reading


Redemption in Star Wars

Star Wars was always a space fantasy heavily influenced by myth with elements from many religious traditions. Among them it also has a Christian element, specific to the Easter time of year,  that of redemption.  The original trilogy reveals this only in the third movie, as we finally have confirmation … Continue reading


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