Every being you see on the Star Wars movie screen, TV show, comic books, games and novels has its own culture. Corellians defy the odds. Bith make great musicians. Sand people are anti social. But you rarely get to see much of this on screen. There just isn’t time. But in the expanded universe, you get to explore their people, their worlds and their cultures. Take a tour through cultures both human and not in the expanded universe!

Omega Squad Clone Trooper

Clones & Cloners

In the Star Wars Galaxy, Kaminoans are the most famous cloners but not the only ones.  The Clone Armies of the Republic too, are famous. But again, they are not the only clones. Clones: Jango Fett clones: While the first clones were born on Kamino and trained by mostly Mandaloreans, … Continue reading

McQuarrie Tusken Raider storyteller

Tusken Raiders Expanded

Our first look at the sandpeople AKA Tusken Raiders, is a brief violent attack in A New Hope. For a very long time, that was it. Beyond Kenobi’s comments that they are easily startled by krayt dragon calls and ride in single file to hide their numbers, we knew little. … Continue reading

Mandalorians on Galidraan, from Jango Fett Open Seasons, Dark Horse Comics

The Mandalorians

The explanation of the Mandalorian culture goes all the way back to a species known as the Taungs. While they died out, there culture lived on. The Mandalorian Culture was based on fighting against worthy foes in battle to gain honor. They accepted members based on adoption. Anyone of any … Continue reading

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