Dark Forces Game Review

Dark Troopers

Dark Forces introduces Kyle Katarn and an amazingly cathartic, immersive game that includes new challenges and the foundation for a new era of Star Wars games. That new era in turn ties in (as usual) with the rest of the content. At this beginning level, we see in the movie tie ins while it sets … Read more

Razor’s Edge Review


Razor’s Edge surely implies where Leia finds herself as a mission to trade for supplies for the new Hoth base takes a dark twist. Between being attacked by the Empire, an Imperial spy among the rebels, and just to top it off, a band of pirates, Leia, Han and her crew are now in terrible … Read more

Why Anakin is Still the Chosen One

George Lucas makes it very clear that Anakin Skywalker was always the Chosen One. If we look at what we know and don’t know about the prophecy, it confirms it. The question of why so many refuse to accept it comes back to the Will of the Force, forgiveness, and the basis upon which Star … Read more

Why KOTOR and SWTOR are Expanded Universe Canon


Incompatibility with Disney’s Timeline There are several reasons why the very founding of the KOTOR and SWTOR games prevent them ever fitting into the Disney’s new canon. When Disney’s LFL announced they would not be continuing the old Expanded Universe, they claimed several things. One that all new stories would be equal in the new … Read more

Children of the Jedi Foreshadows the Prequels


At first glance a lot of people don’t care for Children of the Jedi by Barbara Hambly. They don’t like her style or her grammar.  Newcomers also think it’s evidence that the Expanded Universe isn’t canon because the Jedi mentioned don’t follow their prequel themes. (It was written long before.)  However, the story actually has … Read more

The Marvel Expanded Universe Connection


The early Marvel comics were a huge part of helping Star Wars become a success. 20th Century Fox’s reluctance to promote the film meant that Lucas had to do it himself. This included setting up comics to whet fans appetites for a new sci adventure that would change the face of film making in spite … Read more

Black History in Star Wars


Diversity in Star Wars On Earth, this tends to mean ‘color’. In Star Wars its a bit more than that, given the sheer number of non human species. Everyone isn’t black or white or brown. They might be blue, green, yellow, red or any other color. They aren’t all male or female, some are both, … Read more

A New View of Star Wars A New Hope

Star Wars A New Hope Poster

Watching the original movie back in the day we had no clue there would be more. An unexpected hero had big dreams but was afraid to leave the familiar old responsibilities for new ones. Then he was forced too. The hero had a chance to save the beautiful Princess and save a Rebellion fighting a … Read more

Star Wars Sourcebook Review


The Star Wars Sourcebook by West End Games even predates Heir to the Empire. merchandise, the first new companies to put out new products. It came out in 1987. Coming out even before Heir to the Empire, let alone the prequels, there were a lot of unknowns. Some might assume the later works are contradictory. … Read more

Star Wars Women of the Old Republic


Just in Time for Woman’s History month, a celebration of some of the  strong women in Star Wars Old Republic era. From the most ancient of times before the Republic to its very end before it became the Galactic Empire, brave woman have stood up for their beliefs and supported others. These are some of … Read more

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Grand Admiral Thrawn, from the Essential Atlas

His chiss name is Mitth’raw’nuruodo but he uses the core name as few humans can pronounce it. At different times to different people, Thrawn was both hero and villain. He was conqueror and savior. Grand Admiral Thrawn premiers in ‘Heir to the Empire’ by Timothy Zahn and helped catapult the Star Wars Expanded Universe into … Read more

Star Wars Heir to the Empire Review


First in a 3 book trilogy that fired up the Star Wars franchise novels. This first book introduces thrilling new characters and challenges. The New Republic leadership is ripe with political backbiting. A new Imperial Warlord is uniting the remnants of the fleet and striking back successfully. And he has secrets of the Emperor and … Read more