The Jedi Code is based on the Movies

Qui-Gon prepares for battle.

While the Jedi Code was first laid out in the Expanded Universe, it is based entirely on what we see of the Jedi in the movies. Only the Original Trilogy was out when it was written, but the prequels only clarified that information, didn’t contradict. George Lucas did give guidelines on the Jedi to the … Read more

Slavery’s Curse on a Galaxy


A galaxy full of various races of beings is bound to have ideological differences, of what was right and wrong. The ones like the Hutts and the Sith Empire firmly believed the strong should rule. Slavery is a natural outgrowth of that attitude. On the other side you had the Republic which believed in freedom … Read more

Sith Purebloods

Vitiate was the Sith Emperor. He had the ability to take life from entire worlds and move his essence from one body to another

While most associate the Sith Darth Sidious and the fallen Jedi of ancient days, originally the Sith were a species. The Sith pureblood race of beings was usually (though not always) Force sensitive. Sith purebloods already had an Empire when the cast out Jedi followers of the dark side happened upon them and conquered. Soon … Read more

The Secret of Jedi and Sith Force Spirits

Spirit Obi-Wan admonishes Luke not to leave Dagobah

It is rare for a Jedi to become a Force spirit that can communicate beyond death. Those that knew the skill only used it at need. It is therefore no surprise that in times of war as Jedi fell, the training to do this was lost. Overtime, it would’ve become a mere legend even in … Read more

Jedi, Machines and the Force


The ability of the Jedi to influence machines goes all the way back to the Jedaii Order. However, the acceptance of it has been controversial due to extreme Sith abuse of this power. The Force comes of life and some Jedi are highly skeptical of the ethics of using machines and the Force together. There … Read more

Lightsaber Facts


The classic hum of lightsabers being activated tends to mesmerize or terrify the citizens of the galaxy. The Jedi are a symbol of peace and to those supporting them it signifies hope, unless of course, you are a criminal. To the Sith, it’s merely a tool and symbol of power. This weapon is your life! … Read more

Basics of Jedi Discovery & Training


The basic aspects of becoming a Jedi are laid out in all six movies. These include a natural aptitude (what is later called a high midi-chlorian count), and a willingness to begin and continue training their mind, body and spirit in the best ways to use the Force (and be used by it) for the … Read more

Boba, Jango, and the Mandaloreans

Boba Fett and Fenn Shysa - Marvel 68 from the Omnibus Fools Bounty

Boba Fett and his Mandalorean introduction came even before Return of the Jedi Initially we only got the briefest of hints from the Empire Strikes Back that his armor was Mandalorean.  We get the news he was a Mandalorean Protector from Fenn Shysa, one of the only three surviving members. He encounters Leia Organa on … Read more

Clones & Cloners

Omega Squad Clone Trooper

In the Star Wars Galaxy, Kaminoans are the most famous cloners but not the only ones.  The Clone Armies of the Republic too, are famous. But again, they are not the only clones. Clones: Jango Fett clones: While the first clones were born on Kamino and trained by mostly Mandaloreans, later clones were born on … Read more

Tusken Raiders Expanded

McQuarrie Tusken Raider storyteller

Our first look at the sandpeople AKA Tusken Raiders, is a brief violent attack in A New Hope. For a very long time, that was it. Kenobi’s comments that they are easily startled by krayt dragon calls and ride in single file to hide their numbers. That’s all we knew. And of course, they rode … Read more

The Mandalorians

Mandalorians on Galidraan, from Jango Fett Open Seasons, Dark Horse Comics

The explanation of the Mandalorian culture goes all the way back to a species known as the Taungs. While they died out, there culture lived on. The Mandalorian Culture was based on fighting against worthy foes in battle to gain honor. They accepted members based on adoption. Anyone of any age could be adopted in … Read more

Movie Creatures Expanded – The Cantina

Bith – Hail from Clakdor IIV, a world where most of the populations live in dome cities due to the harsh environment and radioactive swamps left over from a war. They have very dexterous hands and many are excellent musicians. – Figrin Da’an and the Modal Nodes (cantina band) . Herian Ingrel (Rogue Squadron Pilot) … Read more