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Patterns of Force, Coruscant Nights 3

Coruscant Nights 3, Patterns of the Force by Michael Reaves

Patterns of Force doesn’t just wrap up the Coruscant Nights trilogy, but several plotlines from previous Michael Reaves’s stories and finishes in a satisfying way. It is a fun adventure, but a bit frustrating because it doesn’t so much explain all it’s own started threads as well. I love the general story I just do … Read more

Champions of the Force review

Jedi Academy Champions of the Force

Spoilers for the previous books. Jedi Academy: Champions of the Force by Kevin J. Anderson story itself does reiterate and repeat certain points, as a refresher for those who haven’t read them in awhile. It’s an action packed finale to the series. It was a bit overwhelming at times but did get a great thrill … Read more

Dawn of the Jedi Comics

Dawn of the Jedi Force Storm Prisoner of Bogan Force War-rs

The inspiration for this era comes of Star Wars the Old Republic game’s Tython and it’s ancient Jedi lore, as well as Knight’s of the Old Republic’s Rakata. Who were the Jedi, before their were Jedi, or a Republic? Dawn of the Jedi comics answer this. They were the Jedaii Rangers, originating from Tython where … Read more

Clone Wars Micro Series


In 2003 George Lucas decided to hire Genndy Tarkovsky to create a series of animated shorts of the Clone Wars. Originally it aired in the commercial break, during cartoons on the Cartoon Network channel. Eventually these shorts were put together into DVDs. The first set of animation featured various battles throughout the galaxy. Genndy had … Read more

Jedi Academy – Jedi Search

Jedi Academy, Jedi Search by Kevin J. Anderson, cover art by John Alvin

Story by Kevin J. Anderson, original cover art was by John Alvin. It was released in 1996. This is an amazing piece of galaxy building and I can’t overestimate it’s importance to the mythos of Star Wars. This was the book that starts the massive multimedia project, where game, comic and novels would tie together … Read more

Jedi Twilight, Coruscant Nights 1

coruscant nights 1 Jedi Twilight Jax pavan i5

Jax Pavan had barely made knighthood when Order 66 or ‘Flame Night’ went down. Now in Jedi Twilight, he’s finding that being on the run has compromised his morals as well as his ability to access the Force. To top it off, Vader for some reason is looking for him, him personally, with more interest … Read more

Hard Merchandise, Bounty Hunter Wars 3

hard merchandise bounty hunter wars boba fett bossk emperor palpatine royal guard stormtroopers

The final chapter of the Bounty Hunter Wars is an action packed story of survival set during the events of Return of the Jedi. Hard merchandise is the cold term that bounty hunters use for the people they hunt and treat as products to profit off of. And sometimes, the hunter themselves may become the … Read more

The Power of Return of the Jedi

The fellow heroes at the end of Return of the Jedi, many years before Crucible.

I’m writing this coming up on it’s 40th anniversary! Growing up on the original trilogy, this was my hands down favorite even though as a kid, I wasn’t sure what moved me so strongly. It left me speculating on who Anakin Skywalker was before his fall and I was eager to see it. It was … Read more

I,Jedi Review of Corran Horn’s Adventures

I Jedi

I,Jedi is by Michael Stackpole and he is the primary author of most stories (but not all) stories involving Corran Horn and his family. Warning going in: this book I,Jedi contains a few spoilers for the X-Wing Rogue Squadron Book Series. It also has spoilers for the Jedi Academy series. This book does stand alone … Read more

Why did Padmé Die?


Padmé’s death dissatisfied many people. They felt it took away from her ‘strong woman’ status that she simply died when Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Or they felt betrayed she died then at all, given that it was suggested that Leia had some memory of her. But while screen time limited an explanation and story … Read more

The Death Star’s Journey


The plans for and initial construction of the Death Star is told in bits and pieces throughout the saga. This is how it fits together. It truly was an engineering marvel, and its a shame the technological advancements made for it were put to such an evil goal. Early Years of the Death Star – … Read more

The New Rebellion Review


My Thoughts I absolutely love this book, Star Wars the New Rebellion. It’s by far one of my favorites of the post Return of the Jedi era. All the heroes of the movies have a part to play with the same sense of adventure, danger, humor and heroism. This isn’t always so in the books, … Read more

Choices of One Review


The story of Choices of One goes that an Imperial Governor is offering the Rebels safe haven for a base, in part, in hopes they’ll help guard the system from alien attack from outside the Empire. This is being investigated by our heroes among others. It’s also known by the Emperor, hence his sending Mara … Read more

Lightsaber Facts


The classic hum of lightsabers being activated tends to mesmerize or terrify the citizens of the galaxy. The Jedi are a symbol of peace and to those supporting them it signifies hope, unless of course, you are a criminal. To the Sith, it’s merely a tool and symbol of power. This weapon is your life! … Read more

Razor’s Edge Review


Razor’s Edge surely implies where Leia finds herself as a mission to trade for supplies for the new Hoth base takes a dark twist. Between being attacked by the Empire, an Imperial spy among the rebels, and just to top it off, a band of pirates, Leia, Han and her crew are now in terrible … Read more

Tales of the Jedi Review


The Comics It would be difficult to overstate the importance of Tales of the Jedi comics, both to me and the expanded universe. It opened up a whole new era of storytelling in a galaxy far far away. The characters for the first time were not our old familiar heroes of the original trilogy. The … Read more

Why KOTOR and SWTOR are Expanded Universe Canon


Incompatibility with Disney’s Timeline There are several reasons why the very founding of the KOTOR and SWTOR games prevent them ever fitting into the Disney’s new canon. When Disney’s LFL announced they would not be continuing the old Expanded Universe, they claimed several things. One that all new stories would be equal in the new … Read more

Vision of the Future Review


In Vision of the Future by Timothy Zahn, It’s time for our heroes to step up and break through the morass of red tape, fear, and political hatreds stirred up first by the discovery of the Caamas document and then by the alleged re-appearance of Thrawn. (This is in Specter of the Past. Read that … Read more

Specter of the Past Review

Specter of the Past with Luke, Leia and Han

My rating: 4 1/2 Stars Overview: Our heroes are in a bit of transition from their usual jobs. But the past is a specter that haunts them, both individually and as a united government. They won’t be allowed much down time as an old document has resurfaced that holds clues to a decades old vicious … Read more

SWTOR Planets and their Origins

SWTOR Planets and their Origins

Some worlds were invented just for Star Wars the Old Republic, such as Quesh, Voss and Odessan. But others had their origins in other media. Some were in the movies but others were in the books, comics, and other video games before they are visited in this era. The game does an impressive job bringing … Read more

The Approaching Storm Review


“He’s just been on Ansion dealing with a border dispute.” It’s a simple statement at the beginning of the movie, hinting at what Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice did right before Attack of the Clones. But the mission to Ansion entails a planet spanning adventure in the Approaching Storm. Along with Master Luminara Unduli and … Read more

The Ewok Adventure AKA Caravan of Courage Review

ewok adventure

The Ewok Adventure was released on TV in the US and in overseas theaters as ‘The Caravan of Courage’.  Two human children are searching for their missing parents after a starship crash leaves them stranded on Endor. Who should show up to help…but Wicket the Ewok’s family. The story: In the Ewok Adventure, Mace and … Read more

The Expanded Universe VS The Clone Wars TV


When The Clone Wars was released there were two types of fans. The movie fans and those who delved deeper into the Expanded Universe. The former would’ve been thrilled with anything based on the movies. The latter naturally expected it would follow the foundational rules that all the other media had too. In Doctor Who, … Read more

Boba, Jango, and the Mandaloreans

Boba Fett and Fenn Shysa - Marvel 68 from the Omnibus Fools Bounty

Boba Fett and his Mandalorean introduction came even before Return of the Jedi Initially we only got the briefest of hints from the Empire Strikes Back that his armor was Mandalorean.  We get the news he was a Mandalorean Protector from Fenn Shysa, one of the only three surviving members. He encounters Leia Organa on … Read more

The Phantom Menace is integral

The Phantom Menace

The Phantom Menace is integral to the Star Wars saga, because it foreshadows Anakin’s entire journey. It reveals his strength that saved a galaxy, and his love that brought it hope. It also shows that his weakness isn’t a penchant for sadism, or mere raw anger or hatred. The Phantom Menace explains how Anakin could … Read more

Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and Canon


Splinter of the Mind’s Eye often pops up when people complain about contradictions in the Expanded Universe. However, people perhaps aren’t noticing the publishing date. Splinter of the Mind’s Eye was written before The Empire Strikes Back, and is the story Lucas considered doing if Star Wars initial movie had not made enough for the … Read more

Han Solo Trilogy by Ann Crispin Continuity

The Paradise Snare cover

This is one of the most amazing trilogies ever regarding continuity. Han Solo’s story is followed from his childhood taken in by a thief to right before A New Hope. It’s also one of my favorites. The Han Solo trilogy explains many things never seen but clearly implied by the movies. Less a case of … Read more

Dark Forces & Katarn Influence

Kyle Katarn

Dark Forces: The first video game. Dark Forces primarily starts life as a video game. Built on the old Dos System, by modern standards its pretty out of date. But this pixelated adventure starring Kyle Katarn (the player) is the first critical movie tie in. That’s because it is Kyle Katarn who steals the primary, … Read more

MedStar 2: Jedi Healer Review & Continuity


Medstar 2 picks up the pace from the first book. Barriss makes a startling discovery about the Bota that brings her to face the real, subtle temptations of the Dark Side. Her questioning is a serious question on what one should do for the greater good. It also gives a great arc for Jos Vondar. … Read more

The Marvel Expanded Universe Connection


The early Marvel comics were a huge part of helping Star Wars become a success. 20th Century Fox’s reluctance to promote the film meant that Lucas had to do it himself. This included setting up comics to whet fans appetites for a new sci adventure that would change the face of film making in spite … Read more

Star Wars Sourcebook Review


The Star Wars Sourcebook by West End Games even predates Heir to the Empire. merchandise, the first new companies to put out new products. It came out in 1987. Coming out even before Heir to the Empire, let alone the prequels, there were a lot of unknowns. Some might assume the later works are contradictory. … Read more

Obi-Wan X-Box Review & Continuity

Obi-wan x-box

Continuity and the Story Obi-Wan plays. In between the story bits there are training / sparring levels in between the main ones. The game starts out before The Phantom Menace, and has Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon investigating the Black Heth gang and their Jin Ha allies. It starts on Coruscant and moves to Obredaan. On Coruscant … Read more

SWTOR Continuity


I expect this to get long as I am still playing the Star Wars The Old Republic game and I can’t walk a few steps without running into references. This isn’t surprising as its a follow up to the Knights of the Old Republic series which itself was based on the Tales of the Jedi … Read more

Crucible Review

crucible by troy denning

The Last Adventure Of Han, Luke, Leia and Lando – the Original Trilogy Heroes Crucible the culmination of a lifetime of service that began with the Original Trilogy, as well as a chance to unexpectedly reflect on the past and decide on the future.  Youth has been replaced with age, but also with wisdom and … Read more

Clones & Cloners

Omega Squad Clone Trooper

In the Star Wars Galaxy, Kaminoans are the most famous cloners but not the only ones.  The Clone Armies of the Republic too, are famous. But again, they are not the only clones. Clones: Jango Fett clones: While the first clones were born on Kamino and trained by mostly Mandaloreans, later clones were born on … Read more

Darth Maul Shadowhunter Review

Darth Maul-ShadowHunter

If one has seen Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and realizes where Darth Maul: Shadowhunter lies in the timeline, one might assume one knows how it ends. If Darth Maul gets halved by Obi-Wan there, he clearly doesn’t die here. But sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. Sometimes, things don’t turn out … Read more

Prequels and Continuity


The prequels introduced to the movie screen things that were, until now, only in print. Things that some viewers complain about were actually explained in print, in some cases, long before the movies. From Print to Movie The world of Coruscant was glimpsed in Return of the Jedi’s Special Edition. But until The Phantom Menace, … Read more

Rogue Squadron Influence

XWing Rogue Squadron by Michael Stackpole, the first novel

Keys: M = Movie |  N = Novel |  C = Dark Horse Comics | G = Video Games | R = Audio/Radio Drama Rogue Squadron was never a planned multimedia event. It became one without any help, featuring novels, comic books, video games and action figures. The most important thing about the Rogues is … Read more

Jedi Academy Trilogy Continuity


The Jedi Academy trilogy by Kevin J. Anderson is the new beginning of the Jedi Order. At the time of writing, the Jedi philosophy of the prequels the specifics of Jedi training were unknown, including the rules of no attachments (families), one master to one apprentice and that usually they began as infants. Even if … Read more

Shadows of the Empire Influence

Shadows of the Empire

Shadows of the Empire was the first multimedia event. Everything was tied in but an actual movie. The story takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The mission: to find and rescue Han Solo before Boba Fett gets him to Jabba the Hutt. The complication: someone has put a hit … Read more

The Thrawn Trilogy Influence

Heir to the Empire

The Thrawn trilogy was a big bang in the creation of the Expanded Universe. For years there had been no new Star Wars. Even the ewoks and droids cartoons had faded away. Then came the Thrawn trilogy, set 5 years after Return of the Jedi. The Alliance to Restore the Republic has succeeded in creating … Read more