Campaigns to Save the Expanded Universe

Join the campaigns to bring our favorite stories back to life! There is always something going on. The goal is to get our stories continued, even if it must be alongside the new canon in a separate continuity.  Plenty of other franchises do this successfully without confusion. We can too.

“There’s always time for the important things. The trick is to recognize the need, and to create the necessary time.” ―Luke Skywalker | Judges Call

This isn’t just about canon. It’s about unfinished story arcs and promised stories cancelled due to the Disney take over. You get to end of a novel or comic and … nothing. No ending. Because they took it away. Take Action.

Current Campaigns to Restore the Expanded Universe


Valley of the Suns: A New Book Drive 2019

Twin Suns Foundation’s latest fundraiser runs from Thursday April 11th until June 28th. The goal this time is $1,250.00 and will be divided between 2 donation locations.  Find out more on their donate page. Their previous Fundraiser Drives were a huge success and so was their table at Star Wars Celebration in 2017 and 2019.  You can also check out more details on their projects on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Taking the petitions to the next level!

The Billboard Project!

This BILLBOARD Project That Made a Difference!
Check out the press release!

The billboard was up for a month and additional money left over from the fundraising went to purchase new Expanded Universe books for libraries.
Until the billboard, no one seemed to hear the fans, no response came to either social media or writing campaigns. With the billboard, Expanded Universe fans finally got noticed by more of the mainstream media. Fans who wrote letters finally got a response.
While the response wasn’t what we wanted and gave evidence they could placate us with ‘integration’ it did prove we were now on the radar. Unfortunately the Give Us Legends domain name on the billboard was hijacked.  However you can now find the founders under the above mentioned Twin Suns Foundation address.




Original Star Wars Battlefront

They even stole the name. Instead of giving it a new name, or calling it Battlefront 3, they simply hijacked the name Battlefront for the game Twilight Company ties into. So much for their ‘non confusing’ canon

The We Want More Legends Campaign
Sponsored by Events Page for Preserve the Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe


A. Resist Temptation! Do NOT purchase the new canon new, at least until they agree to more Expanded Universe. Even delaying a purchase helps. The only thing they recognize is money, finding the new canon doesn’t sell like the old gets their attention. It isn’t about whether the book is any good or not, or even if you read it (there are always libraries and used book stores eventually.) The next story up is Battlefront: Twilight Company. Apparently even if all their canon is supposed to be equal, the game has no campaign or story so they need a book to tie it in (so much for making a simpler canon.)

B. Let them know politely but persistently that you want new expanded universe stories, and that is what you will purchase. There is a sample letter on the events page as well as the one from the paper letter writing campaign you can customize. It’s not recommended to use it ‘as is’ as it might get blocked by spam bots when sent ‘en masse’.

C. Screenshot your comments on the Facebook pages. They have a tendency to delete them, especially if they are in reply to something else they didn’t like. This way you have proof and can even repost.

Here is how you can reach them: Note you probably need to post in comments on Facebook as they often have post to page disabled.

You can also reach them through these pages to post the same messages on their timelines or recent posts if you cannot comment directly on their page:
Star Wars Books:
Star Wars:
Star Wars Com
You can also post directly on the website under their books and comics

A few other possibilities not mentioned on the page:

The Disney / Lucasfilm Letter Writing Campaign on Facebook – in a world of instant messages and emails, nothing says something is important to you like a physical letter. If you don’t have facebook, you can still join in. Just grab the addresses and go. Ideas are in progress for stock letters you can customize. Certain dates are listed for sending letters so we can get them in en masse and have greater impact.

Next Mass Mail Day is May 27

Lucasfilm LTD
Correspondence to Lucasfilm can be mailed to: Attn: Fan Mail, P.O. Box 29901, San Francisco, CA 94129-0901

The Walt Disney Company Attn: Fan Mail Dept.
500 South Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521

Del Rey
1745 Broadway
New York New York 10019 USA

The main points to hit when writing on social media or snail mail are that you want more Legends continued separately, in their own separate canon and not integrated into the new. Many other stories including Stargate, Star Trek, and so on have gone this route and successfully sold both.


Petition to Restore 1313

Lucasarts was hard at work on this video game to allow the player to take the role of a bounty hunter on Coruscant. Then Disney took the reins and shut them all down.

This is the Demo. It was expected to be rated M for mature.



alliance to preserve expanded universe events and campaignsEvents Page for Preserve the Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe on Facebook

Keep an eye out for new plans to petition them and tell them we want more!






Another thing people can do is remind the world that the Expanded Universe fans are here, want more, and aren’t going away. If you are going to a comics, sci fi or gaming convention, especially where there will be a Star Wars presence, you can let them know..and don’t forget to sign online.

The Walt Disney Bring Back the Star Wars Expanded Universe

Disney Continue the Star Wars Legends Storyline

ReRelease the Ewoks Movies – These movies are out of print and very expensive to purchase as VHS or DVD online.

ReRelease the Young Reader Series – These include the likes of Jedi Apprentice, Jedi Quest (young Obi-Wan, young Anakin, and other Jude Watson series as well as Junior Jedi Knights and Young Jedi Knights by Anderson and Moesta (Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo). They are out of print and hard to get for a good price. You might get lucky and find one for a penny…or you might look and find them all ten dollars or more, not counting shipping!

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