Before the Dawn of the Republic Era

Long ago, far longer even than the legends that you know….
The Celestials lived, and the Ancients and species unknown. Among them the Kwa.
So the Kwa created and sent out the Tho Yor,ships that called to Force sensitives and carried them far away to the center of the galaxy, to a world called Tython.
The Rakata stole technology, which was powered by the Force and conquered the galaxy.
There on Tython, in the shadow of the 2 moons,Ashla and Bogan, one light and one dark, the Je’daii grew, trained, thrived, with their non sensitive offspring spreading among the systems planets.
But when the Rakatareturn the balance between light and dark is lost. The Je’daii must relearn war and they will never after be the same.
They learned, traveled and kept the peace….

In these long gone days, the mysterious Celestials of Father, Son and Daughter were worshiped. The Kwa traveled the galaxy in amazing ships that called on the power of the Force. Great machines were built and even celestial phenomena, made not by nature but by beings. But in their wandering in the stars, the Kwa on meeting the Rakata, unleashed a terrible evil than would terrify, enslave and conquer a galaxy. Only those who felt the call of the giant tho yor ships were spared, taking them to a secret system where their Force powers would grow and the two moons that circled the world would teach them that without balance their powers would be a deadly storm. But they will not be hidden forever. Can their Force enhanced alchemy and weaponry and skill match the challenge of the power mad Rakata? And even if it does what will it cost?

Stories in this era:

Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void (Novel)
Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm (Graphic Novel/Comic)
Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan (Graphic Novel/Comic)
Dawn of the Jedi: Force War (Graphic Novel/Comic)

Stories that touch on this era:

The Clone Wars: Mortis Story Arc (TV show)
The Corellian Trilogy (Novels)
Fate of the Jedi (Novel Series)

Image Credits:

Dawn of the Jedi comics : Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons, Wes Dzioba
Dawn of the Jedi cover art: Gonzalo Flores
Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void, novel, cover art by Torstein Nordstrand