The Mandalorian Armor Review

Mandalorean Armor, Book 1 of the Bounty Hunter Wars by K.W. Jeter

The Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy by K.W Jeter Boba Fett is dead, and his victims and rivals rejoice. But Dengar and a young slave woman who knows that Fett is part of her lost past have found evidence he’s not as gone as his enemies hope. And while neither trust him, they know they need … Read more

I,Jedi Review of Corran Horn’s Adventures

I Jedi

I,Jedi is by Michael Stackpole and he is the primary author of most stories (but not all) stories involving Corran Horn and his family. Warning going in: this book I,Jedi contains a few spoilers for the X-Wing Rogue Squadron Book Series. It also has spoilers for the Jedi Academy series. This book does stand alone … Read more

Young Jedi Knights Under Black Sun Review

Young jedi knights 11 - 13Jacen Jaina Lando RS

Black Sun is no one’s ally, and stamping it out and keeping it that way has been a job for Jedi, the Republic and even certain Sith. It isn’t the only bit of the past to rear its head in these stories. While a bit simplistic in the resolution (or suggested implementation) its still a … Read more

Jedi Trial Review

Jedi Trial

This story has it’s grindy moments, as I kept wanting to get back to the actual Jedi, Anakin and Nejaa in Jedi Trial. I kind of wish there had been more moments with the two of them. But it was overall a good read. Right up until the end I had no idea how or … Read more

The Jedi Code is based on the Movies

Qui-Gon prepares for battle.

While the Jedi Code was first laid out in the Expanded Universe, it is based entirely on what we see of the Jedi in the movies. Only the Original Trilogy was out when it was written, but the prequels only clarified that information, didn’t contradict. George Lucas did give guidelines on the Jedi to the … Read more

Corellian Trilogy 3 Showdown at Centerpoint

showdown at centerpoint

The final book in the trilogy hits peak action as are heroes are at their most desperate and the fate of billions is on the line. This may seem normal for them, but while the stakes are as always high, this is a different kind of foe with a different kind of weapon. The author … Read more

Corellian Trilogy 2 Assault at Selonia

assault on selonia corellian trilogy

Assault at Selonia by Roger Allen McBride is the second book in the Corellian trilogy and the original trilogy heroes are now responding to the danger set up in the last book with new allies at their side. This book had me on the edge of my seat waiting for what happens next. The author … Read more

Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 Rookie Review

Qu Rahn, jedi master

This game is still a blast decades after release. Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 graphics may be dated but they don’t diminish the challenge one bit, and they are a step up from the predecessor. This one did include more save options to it. The story is loads of fun and so is the gameplay. … Read more

Clone Wars Video Game 2002 XBox Review

This game is a challenge but has a great story. It’s quite a thrill to defeat it at all, even for one like me, who fails at hitting bonus goals. The Clone Wars video game is a blast if you love playing as a heroic Jedi Knight, flying fast vehicles and enjoy the Tales of … Read more

Corellian Trilogy 1: Ambush At Corellia Review

Corellian Trilogy Book 1 Ambush at Corellia

The Ambush At Corellia is pure suspense. We find out pretty quick there is danger for our heroes in the near future, we just aren’t sure what or how. There is an interesting family dynamic here, with typical kids being kids (except they are as bright as their Grandsire and they already know about the … Read more

Dark Forces Game Review

Dark Troopers

Dark Forces introduces Kyle Katarn and an amazingly cathartic, immersive game that includes new challenges and the foundation for a new era of Star Wars games. That new era in turn ties in (as usual) with the rest of the content. At this beginning level, we see in the movie tie ins while it sets … Read more

Why did Padmé Die?


Padmé’s death dissatisfied many people. They felt it took away from her ‘strong woman’ status that she simply died when Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Or they felt betrayed she died then at all, given that it was suggested that Leia had some memory of her. But while screen time limited an explanation and story … Read more

Slavery’s Curse on a Galaxy


A galaxy full of various races of beings is bound to have ideological differences, of what was right and wrong. The ones like the Hutts and the Sith Empire firmly believed the strong should rule. Slavery is a natural outgrowth of that attitude. On the other side you had the Republic which believed in freedom … Read more

The Diversity Alliance Story Arc Review


This Young Jedi Knights story arc, about the Diversity Alliance, hits harder in 2022 than when it was released in the late 1990s. It’s the second arc in the series, so you might want to read that first if you are worried about spoilers. It picks up right where the other left off. Warning: review … Read more

Sith Purebloods

Vitiate was the Sith Emperor. He had the ability to take life from entire worlds and move his essence from one body to another

While most associate the Sith Darth Sidious and the fallen Jedi of ancient days, originally the Sith were a species. The Sith pureblood race of beings was usually (though not always) Force sensitive. Sith purebloods already had an Empire when the cast out Jedi followers of the dark side happened upon them and conquered. Soon … Read more

The Secret of Jedi and Sith Force Spirits

Spirit Obi-Wan admonishes Luke not to leave Dagobah

It is rare for a Jedi to become a Force spirit that can communicate beyond death. Those that knew the skill only used it at need. It is therefore no surprise that in times of war as Jedi fell, the training to do this was lost. Overtime, it would’ve become a mere legend even in … Read more

The Death Star’s Journey


The plans for and initial construction of the Death Star is told in bits and pieces throughout the saga. This is how it fits together. It truly was an engineering marvel, and its a shame the technological advancements made for it were put to such an evil goal. Early Years of the Death Star – … Read more

The Courtship of Princess Leia Review

Courtship of Princess Leia, Paperback version

This story by Dave Wolverton features Han and Leia and the reasons for their long delayed marriage in spite of what seems an overlong courtship. General Solo has been off battling Warlord Zsinj while Leia has been on the home front running diplomatic missions. On return he finds that one of those missions has led … Read more

Short Stories in Novels


I’d been wondering for a time now about whether the short stories in novels would appear in the newer Trade market paperbacks. I had heard no mention (in spite of asking on social media) whether they had all the same stuff as their mass market paperbacks. I don’t live near a new book store myself, … Read more

The Importance of Father Figures in Star Wars


Somewhere at the back of the story, almost unnoticed beneath the blaze of blaster fire and the hum of lightsabers, lies a simple truth of Star Wars. Father figures have a huge impact on the galaxy. In this case, many are simply mentors that take on the role of compassionate guide but also teacher of … Read more

Star Wars and Race


Star Wars under George Lucas never had a race issue, contrary to what the media tells the world. It has always been a massive blend of various cultures, from the languages used and created for new alien races, to accents, building styles, hair styles and clothing styles. It’s universal mythology is what gave it such … Read more

The Cestus Deception Review


The Cestus Deception by Steven Barnes is full of intrigue, adventure and deeper themes behind the Clone Wars. Starring Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto, a secret (but familiar) enemy it also introduces new characters that are well rounded and interesting. It’s a real page turner, and gets even faster and harder to put down as one … Read more

C-3PO and R2-D2 Expanded


C-3PO and R2-D2 are the two characters are the galaxies witness within all six movies. They’ve carried secrets and been the comedy as well as the unexpected heroes of many adventures. But even droids have character growth, at least when they haven’t had a memory wipe. And their shared adventures go far beyond what is … Read more

The New Rebellion Review


My Thoughts I absolutely love this book, Star Wars the New Rebellion. It’s by far one of my favorites of the post Return of the Jedi era. All the heroes of the movies have a part to play with the same sense of adventure, danger, humor and heroism. This isn’t always so in the books, … Read more

Darth Vader Expanded

The world first saw Darth Vader on screen as a villain. It would be years before his true identity was known. His history shrouded for most of the galaxy, he became a terror to the Rebellion and a traitor to the Jedi. His past would prove far more complicated. Anakin Skywalker was as much victim … Read more

The Importance of Mothers in Star Wars


Mothers are incredibly important in the Star Wars Galaxy. Their presence, loss, and influence is strongly felt. It’s not a stretch to say things that affect the galaxy come down to their influence. One thing most notable is that Mothers want their children and want what is best for them. There is no ‘getting rid … Read more

Choices of One Review


The story of Choices of One goes that an Imperial Governor is offering the Rebels safe haven for a base, in part, in hopes they’ll help guard the system from alien attack from outside the Empire. This is being investigated by our heroes among others. It’s also known by the Emperor, hence his sending Mara … Read more

Jedi, Machines and the Force


The ability of the Jedi to influence machines goes all the way back to the Jedaii Order. However, the acceptance of it has been controversial due to extreme Sith abuse of this power. The Force comes of life and some Jedi are highly skeptical of the ethics of using machines and the Force together. There … Read more

Lightsaber Facts


The classic hum of lightsabers being activated tends to mesmerize or terrify the citizens of the galaxy. The Jedi are a symbol of peace and to those supporting them it signifies hope, unless of course, you are a criminal. To the Sith, it’s merely a tool and symbol of power. This weapon is your life! … Read more

Razor’s Edge Review


Razor’s Edge surely implies where Leia finds herself as a mission to trade for supplies for the new Hoth base takes a dark twist. Between being attacked by the Empire, an Imperial spy among the rebels, and just to top it off, a band of pirates, Leia, Han and her crew are now in terrible … Read more

Why Anakin is Still the Chosen One

George Lucas makes it very clear that Anakin Skywalker was always the Chosen One. If we look at what we know and don’t know about the prophecy, it confirms it. The question of why so many refuse to accept it comes back to the Will of the Force, forgiveness, and the basis upon which Star … Read more

Tales of the Jedi Review


The Comics It would be difficult to overstate the importance of Tales of the Jedi comics, both to me and the expanded universe. It opened up a whole new era of storytelling in a galaxy far far away. The characters for the first time were not our old familiar heroes of the original trilogy. The … Read more

Why KOTOR and SWTOR are Expanded Universe Canon


Incompatibility with Disney’s Timeline There are several reasons why the very founding of the KOTOR and SWTOR games prevent them ever fitting into the Disney’s new canon. When Disney’s LFL announced they would not be continuing the old Expanded Universe, they claimed several things. One that all new stories would be equal in the new … Read more

Basics of Jedi Discovery & Training


The basic aspects of becoming a Jedi are laid out in all six movies. These include a natural aptitude (what is later called a high midi-chlorian count), and a willingness to begin and continue training their mind, body and spirit in the best ways to use the Force (and be used by it) for the … Read more

Vision of the Future Review


In Vision of the Future by Timothy Zahn, It’s time for our heroes to step up and break through the morass of red tape, fear, and political hatreds stirred up first by the discovery of the Caamas document and then by the alleged re-appearance of Thrawn. (This is in Specter of the Past. Read that … Read more

Specter of the Past Review

Specter of the Past with Luke, Leia and Han

My rating: 4 1/2 Stars Overview: Our heroes are in a bit of transition from their usual jobs. But the past is a specter that haunts them, both individually and as a united government. They won’t be allowed much down time as an old document has resurfaced that holds clues to a decades old vicious … Read more

April Fools is No Longer Funny


In 2009, the concept of the Star Wars Expanded Universe being de-canonized was so absurd it was an April Fool’s Joke on Wookieepedia. The response was heated from those who didn’t get the joke and realize it was April Fool’s.  In 2014, after the Disney buyout, it became a reality, with ‘canon tabs’ and ‘legends … Read more

SWTOR Planets and their Origins

Some worlds were invented just for Star Wars the Old Republic, such as Quesh, Voss and Odessan. But others had their origins in other media. Some were in the movies but others were in the books, comics, and other video games before they are visited in this era. The game does an impressive job bringing … Read more

The Approaching Storm Review


“He’s just been on Ansion dealing with a border dispute.” It’s a simple statement at the beginning of the movie, hinting at what Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice did right before Attack of the Clones. But the mission to Ansion entails a planet spanning adventure in the Approaching Storm. Along with Master Luminara Unduli and … Read more

The Ewok Adventure AKA Caravan of Courage Review

ewok adventure

The Ewok Adventure was released on TV in the US and in overseas theaters as ‘The Caravan of Courage’.  Two human children are searching for their missing parents after a starship crash leaves them stranded on Endor. Who should show up to help…but Wicket the Ewok’s family. The story: In the Ewok Adventure, Mace and … Read more

EU March Madness 2022 Video Games

rogue squadron game

The is running it’s annual March Madness contest, sponsored by Twin Suns Foundation.  This years running is video games.  The oldest range back to the Parker Brother’s Atari Video Game ‘Jedi Arena’ all the way to the Star Wars: The Old Republic expansions. You can find the bracket download here: You can also … Read more

Legacy of Tom Veitch

Dark Empire

Even as Timothy Zahn’s stories launched the novels,  Tom Veitch helped launched the comics. While they didn’t agree on approach, both stories would introduce foundational elements to the Expanded Universe stretching far into that galaxies future and past. When Dark Empire burst onto the scene no one expected the comics and books to connect. Set … Read more

Children of the Jedi Foreshadows the Prequels


At first glance a lot of people don’t care for Children of the Jedi by Barbara Hambly. They don’t like her style or her grammar.  Newcomers also think it’s evidence that the Expanded Universe isn’t canon because the Jedi mentioned don’t follow their prequel themes. (It was written long before.)  However, the story actually has … Read more