Woman Behind the Scenes of the Expanded Universe

Sue Rostoni She maintained the Expanded Universe in print and helped plan the New Jedi Order series, as Executive Editor and fiction and comic editor at Lucas Licensing. She held that job for 20 some years, retiring in 2011. Lucy Audrey Wilson Director of Publishing the President of Lucas Licencing. She came up with the …

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Woman Models & Actors of the Expanded Universe

Shannon McRandle as Mara Jade

This is a salute to the female models, actors and voice actors that made the Expanded Universe an audio and visual adventure. This is not a complete list, but some of those who had either the most roles in the Expanded Universe or the most influential characters. Everyone probably knows about the movie actors, but …

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Women Artists of the Expanded Universe

wildlife-of-star wars

Jan Duursema Her artwork gives character to such memorable faces as Republics: Quinlan Vos, Aayla Secura (her artwork created the character that Lucas liked enough to put in Attack of the Clones), Legacies: Cade Skywalker, Darth Talon, Dawn of the Jedi: Xesh, and even some classic marvel star wars characters. You can see more of …

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Women Authors of the Expanded Universe


Most of us know the characters already. But what about the female writers who invented them? Without them, these heroes we know and love would not exist. This is not a comprehensive list. Ann Crispin Han Solo Trilogy: Paradise Snare The Hutt Gambit Rebel Dawn With a rare brilliance, she not only wrote the Han …

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